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Feb 27, 2011
Good Day All,

I am contemplating building a 6.5-06 off Remington 700 action. Already purchased the Stocky LRT stock, using current 30-06 receiver that will be trued and upgrade recoil lug. Looking at 26" Remington contour with fluting. (Unsure at this time of the barrel I will go with)

Question is with the other 6.5's do I have the opportunity to get more from the setup going with another version?

My primary use will be long range shooting at targets, as well as, deer and hogs out to about 650. I want a gun that I know I will enjoy and not sell off in a year and its between my current calibers

Currently have
  • 243
  • 257 Wby
  • 308
  • 30-06 (build action)
  • 300 RUM (x2)
  • 45-70 (pig stopper)

Thoughts on the caliber and options for a fun gun that wont burn up barrels yearly?
6.5-06 ackley would be one of my top choices for a rebar real of a 30-06 rifle. I am very partial to a 30-06 ackley though
Ah interesting on the 06 AI. what is invoked in the 6.5x06AI fire forming? searched the site and got tidbits of information but unsure if 270win brass fire formed or 06 brass for the AI
the 270 brass can be used but the neck must be trimmed first before resizing, check the specs 270 brass is longer. I sold one here several months ago and the guy just contacted me telling me he shot a group at 500 yds at 2.6", not to shabby, this was the standard 6.5/06 case.
If I was doing a wildcat off the 06 it would be a 6.5 Sherman. Do a search. There is lots of good info on it here.

Scot E.
Thank you gentlemen, trying to read everything I can on the 6.5-06 and seems to be a good alternative to my big sticks. Looking to research the Sherman as well.

If anyone has additional experience with the 6.5-06 please chime in. Pro's and Con's wanted.
I have two 6.5-06 rifles based on Remington 700 actions now. One is a tactical setup, the other is a sporter. I actually turned my 30-06 into the 6.5-06 sporter. I no longer will shoot a 308. The 6.5-06 can do anything.

Right now I'm pushing 142grain SMKs and 140grain Nosler Accubonds at 3050fps. That enough to take an elk at 500 yards is you use 1500ft/lbs as a min.

I can't think of any 6.5 that isn't hard on barrels, so keep that in the back of your mind while planning on your new toy.

I went with the 6.5-284 Norma myself knowing I will likely be replacing the barrel. Don't want to set it back as it is only 24" long now.

Looking at your list, I'd go with either a 270, 280, or 280AI over the 6.5-06, which, BTW, is a great caliber too.

You want some "wow" factor, look at the 270 Sherman.
I have the AI version. I am really liking it. It has a 10" twist tho, so I can't shoot heavies. It really likes 100btips at 3500fps, and my go-to load is 123Amax with Hunter and a mag primer at about 3200fps. It is a 28" med. weight barrel that I like a lot. I use 25-06 brass and fire-form with bullets seated in the rifling with almost no loss. I did find that the Win. brass does not last as long as the Rem I use now, with primers pockets getting loose after about 4 firings. With an 8" twist, you could shoot 140s with no problems.
If you are not wanting a barrel-burner, I would go with a 6.5x55 Swede. It will work well in a long action, shoot most bullets well, and the barrel will last a long time. If you like, you can still AI it also.
I built one on a sako 75 action. If you use 25-05 brass you don't need to trim it right away and new brass run through my 6.5-06 die shoots the same as once fired brass. It has a 24 inch 8.5 twist barrel. I did a lot of research and it seems that h1000 is the best powder for speed and low velocity spreads. 57.7 grains gives me 2970 Fps with less than 20 fps spread with 140 bergers. It hammers deer at 600 too. The bc is very close the 7mm 168 Berger with less recoil. What's not to like.
I had a 264win mag sendero and was like 10 grains higher in powder charge and i got 3150 fps but I couldn't figure out how to get the es low enough for long range shooting. Maybe it was because it was a factory rifle, I'm not sure. If I was looking for something faster in the future I'd probably get a custom reamer for the 264 win mag or do more research on the 6.5 Sherman. I'm not a big fan of fire forming though.
The 6.5-06 ackley doesn't give you that much more velocity but does cut down on case trimming. I think that's all you really gain out of the ackley as there is really still lots of case volume left for powder in the regular 6.5-06.
I have a 6-06 that is used for PD's, Coyotes, Deer & Antelope. it will shoot a 70gr NBT @ 4100FPS and a 95gr VLD at 3500. Makes clean kills out to 800 yards on Antelope. Very little recoil with the mini break

Friends daughter with a WY doe shot at just over 700 yards with a 85gr SPBT. I always have a hard time getting my rifle back from her because she loves the that it has no recoil.


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