6-284 data search


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May 1, 2008
Does anybody have any experience with this caliber and the 105 and 115vld type bullets with some recommended powders to try?gun)
I'm putting one together right now and according to some people that are shooting the 6-284 I spoke with as well as Quickload data
Ramshot Magnum looks like a great powder to try. That is what I am going to start with.
I've had three different 6-284's, and they all performed best with IMR-7828, using 95, 105, and/or 115 VLD's.
ALF What brand barrels did your 3 6x284s have? Barrel life ? Mine I think I have in the area of a 1,000 rnds all full throttle loads. With 70gr Nosler BT its still grouping under 1/4 MOA.
I am having a 26 inch 1-8 twist benchmark installed onto a long action rem, .900 at muzzle with flutes! I was looking for 3300 or so velocity with at least half MOA accuracy with the 105 weight bullets. I have Ramshot Mag, I will have to give that a try, I think that powder is temp stable!!gun)
Better check this against some trusted load data but I think my wifes 6x284 is running 55gr of retumbo with 107s. I have not chronoed it but it shoots pretty well. It shoots much better with the 105 lapuas but they are not supposed to be good for hunting.
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