.50 cals

A lot of 872 & a 40" barrel=its your shoulder!!Haveing a hard time finding out,the darn thing keeps blowing the crony apart.
Seriously its not the velosity that gets the job done with a 50,its the heavy,high BC bullets.Most competitors are going 2500-2700fps
Why is it important to get 3000 out of something ya aint got=CJ
PAC NOR ( Chris DICHTER ) list a reamer in 50/20 mm Vulcan and own a rifle in this caliber

good shooting

What are you guys doing up to late, you should be in bed.I was just wondering if it was possible.
Well lets see 233gr of H50BMG is pushing a 750gr bullet @ 2800 and 248gr of H50BMG is pushing a 655gr bullet @ 3029 according to my load data.. so getting a 755gr bullet goin 3000fps is prolly possible but the question is will it be worth it lol

6.5 Bandit
It probably would not be worth it, but I checked on the energy at it was close to 16000 foot pounds. But completely not needed. Just something fun to shoot for. No I don't have one and if I ever did it would be years at least.
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