375 wildcat idea


Dec 24, 2008
Kimberly, Idaho
Hey guys,

Looking for some resources for a build I'm planning. I'm wanting to build a 375RUM improved. So from past experiences I don't have the money to lay down all at once for a mediocre rifle but I can afford to piece together a high end one. I have access to a lathe and everything I need to build a straight shooter.

I'm planning on using 350-300 grain sierras, cutting edge, or stuff I make on a lathe.I'm looking to push them at 2600-2900 fps

So here is the base idea use a 700 action that I've trued up, a manners stock, seekins bottom metal with the cip mags(debating doing a single shot for more coal)

Now the part I need help with is who can make me a reamer or rent me one I know the 375 tejas is very close to my needs but don't know how to get the reamer for it.

As far as barrels I was thinking bartlein or brux but to my knowledge they are back ordered and are not offering .375 barrels.

Obviously availability of supporting tooling is really dictating the whole build right now.

edit: looking to use a 28in +/- barrel

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