375 Terminator is alive and well!

Shawn Carlock

Jun 11, 2007
North Idaho

The 375 Terminator has finally arrived. Those of you that have been following our 375 T project know we have been working on it for some time now. After several setbacks and various different issues I can now give it my full blessing. In short our final cartridge is quite different from the original concept. To make things work well for the long range hunter and Idaho legal weight limit of 16 total pounds (I know it is retarded) we had to make some concessions to case design. The upside of this is that brass will be readily available fully formed and ready to go. Sorry it will not bear the Terminator headstamp for a while. We will have dies on the shelf as well, these will be a FL bushing die with a sliding sleeve micrometer seating die On to what everyone wants to know, performance:

Bullet: 375 gr. Cutting Edge .375 cal. Lazer single feed

Muzzle Velocity – 3030 fps (from the 34” test barrel)

Extreme Velocity Spread: 6 fps

Accuracy: .295” @ 100 yards


Base: 60 MOA (126 MOA usable from 100 yard zero)

Brake: DE Super Slab

Recoil: A lot better than I thought, probably still spot my own hits beyond 600 yards.

Future Testing: 400 gr Laser, 350 gr Laser (I’m really only interested in testing hunting capable bullets)

There will be a small group of tier 1 operators testing these soon for extreme range ability (2500+) and checking out the lower field profile, OAL with 30” barrel and brake is 41.5”. Now realizing that is almost identical to the OAL of a full sized M 16 but with at least 3x the range it starts to become interesting. It is likely that the hot load for the 30” tube with be the 350 gr Laser CEB bullet and estimating the muzzle velocity to be in the 3000-3100 fps range with single digit ES and best accuracy. This combo is likely to be the hot LR Hunting ticket as well. The 30” tube, ATACR Nightforce 5-25, Harris 9-13 bipod all come together at just under 16 lbs. This will truly be a Long Range Killing Machine for the hunter. While we still have tests to run and load info to develop I am confident that this setup is going to be a serious package. I already have a waiting list just to place an order and I will start down that list as soon as we complete testing and finish up our military class season in the middle of August. Follow this post / thread and I will post any updates on testing here. I will also get some LR video testing as soon as I can get some.


Well-Known Member
Mar 25, 2008

I know your busy, but any chance of getting a video of the gun and it sending a few down range? Nothing super detailed just more to see the setup more organically and a better idea function and recoil impulse etc.

That is a scarily beautiful setup. Seriously I can easily envision that thing all painted setup out on a ridge. :D

Its amazing the kind of barrel length bullpup design allows for a given rifle's OAL along how it changes the rifles balance.


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