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Dec 19, 2008
Have a custom edge and was kicking around a light weight carry 338.. Have a chance to get a new 700 ss 338 Rum 26" barrel. First i would install a break but wondering of opening it up to a edge how it would perform with that light factory barrel. Second thing would be let it alone and work witht he standard 338 rum. It would be a lr and elk rifle thinking the 300 smk would be to much what would be another choice of bullet for this purpose?
I have that exact rifle and to 1000 yards the 225 grain cutting edge bullet .64 bc does very well at 3150-3200 fps. Before that I was shooting the 225 AB in it. You will not gain anything by rechambering to the 338-300 RUM. Same thing/same performance. Both shoot the same numbers and loads.
+1 on what LTLR said. The 225s are pleasant to shoot and can still reach 1000 easily enough, especially if you go with the CE's. I shoot 300 SMK's in my sporterwieght, it deffinatley under 10lbs but im not exactly sure of the weight. Its the normal Rem XCR.
Angus, What powder you shooting in your sporterweight? With the old H1000 I could hit near 2800 fps out of my 26" barrel with the 300 smk but the accuracy was at around 2735 fps with 91 grains. I get good brass life with the lighter load. I use it for backpack hunting and under 1000 yards. Last summer I tested the 225 grain D 62 CE bullet .64 bc and the accuracy was best in the 3150-3200 fps range with much less recoil. When I ran the numbers for the range I use this gun the 225 with 400 extra fps looked pretty good. With a 225 grain bullet there is energy to spare so that is not a concern.
Appreciate the info, what 225 bullet are speaking about? Do you need a Wyatt box for it? What vel. should i except out of a 26" factory rum.
I use 92 grains Retumbo with the SMK for right around the 2800 fps mark. I pushed it to 94 for 2850 and still had good accuracy but I wasnt getting good brass life and the pressure was on the high side.

Actually with this rifle I have found loads with every bullet form 210 TTSX's to the 300 SMK's that will go into 3\4. not bad for a factory rig. The SMK's better yet.

*edit* that velocity has only been chronoed form my "shooters" chrono. It does match up to my drops though.
I currently use the 3000 smk out of my edge but figured they wouldnt be as effective out of the rum.
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