338 RUM


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Oct 4, 2004
Hello all, I am having a 338RUM built and my smith wants a dummy round to cut the chamber. Problem is I have never had a 338 RUM or loaded for it so I have no idea what OAL I will need. My plan is to use the 250 grain Sierra match king for target but will use other 250s for hunting also.

Any ideas on what OAL I need to set up this dummy round so I can get the best use of bullet to rifling adjustment?
Thanks, Nathan
I dont know exactly with the 250 grainer Sierra, but the COL on these cartridge is 91mm. In my rifle it's the magazine that sets the limit for me, and thats 91,8mm!
I am not able to get any of the bullets i've tried to touch the lands, without feeding them directly into the chamber without trought the magazine.
I've tried som 215grs. Sierras and they worked fine.
But i think this is 250 grainers -cartridge. Anything lighter is'nt right!
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