338 rum fps help!!

I would think that would be doable. I'm getting 3050 fps out of a 24" barrel with 225's with out even stepping on it hard. Shouldn't be a problem for you but let the brass tell you.
You should be able to get 3100 fps out of a 28.5" barrel with a 245 grain bullet. I have a 25.5" barrel rem 700 338 ultramag and get 3264 fps with the 225 AB as my accuracy load. The 250 AB tops out with best accuracy right at 3100 fps with this gun.
Thnks guys that is what I am looking for!! Have you guys heard of lehigh bullets or Bore Tech bullets. They make a 245 grain bullet with a ballistic coeficient of .896. I was thinking of this bullet as my long range bullet?

Here's the reply i got b ack from Boretech Bullets

"Mr. Hodgkiss,
Thank you for contacting us.
The .338 245s are a match bullet with excellent accuracy. We have
customers shooting one hole, 5 shot groups @ 100 yards. These bullets
do take some time to find a good load, but once you do watch out! Some
things to keep in mind, 1:10 or faster twist, 3,000+ fps, and jump the
bullets 0.050" - 0.090
As far as performance on big game, we do not have enough data to provide
a definite answer. We do know that if shooting a thin skinned animal
(deer) at under 100 yards is not good. Bullets are moving so fast they
just poke a hole in both sides. We have seen that at the further
distances 500+ yards that the bullets slow enough to do more internal
damage and help drop the animal. These bullets probably would do better
on true "big game" where they need to penetrate bone, thick hides, etc.
The accuracy is still that of a match bullet though!!!"

Sounds pretty good to me I am going to try these out

FWIW, my stock M700 LSS 338 RUM with a 250 gr PT get 3024 fps with 98.6 grs Retumbo.

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