338 Lapua


Dec 8, 2007
hi Guys

i am looking at getting a 338 LM
problem is:

1 cant' afford a custum job
2 cant' afford the Sako TRG

i am looking at starting with the 700P 338 LM and go from there when i can afford to get it tuned

or should i wait a little longer and get the Sako

any taughts ??

tks Qaqmire
Call John Myer, Custom Gunsmithing in Boyce VA. He is a top notch LR and 1k BR smith of the highest level.

He has a hell of deal on a tuned rem 338 Lapua with brake, dies and brass.


Tks Bounty Hunter

that's good news i will give him a call
maybe Santa can get it for me:)

I went through the same dilemma,i bought the 700p and regretted it, i just didn't feel safe putting my head behind that bolt,i have since sold it and am having a custom built on a stiller tac 338 action which will be ready friday ,sure i had to wait a little longer and the cost is more but it is worth it, patience is the key,the sako's are great and better for resale than a custom, but 1:12 twist on most isn't great for the 300 grain proj's,i would start shopping around for parts actions,stock,barrels etc and bit by bit(time does fly) you will have the rifle you really want get it put together when you have the money,good luck.
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