338 Lapua/338 Lapua Improved/338 Lapua Ackley Improved

Oh, as far as all this crap about an ackley improved lapua rd. sure sounds like Roy's .338/378 weatherby. Rock on.
No doubt Roy was a genious, but Lapua is very high quality. Also, the 338 Lapua case design is very strong at the rear of the case and very soft at the case mouth.
Roy didn't do the development work for the 338-378 himself. It was also added to the Weatherby cartridge list about 10 years after the 338 Lapua was introduced.
Magical or not it's accurate. To be fair the rifle range in riudoso is just a hair higher than 7000 ft above sea level. My point is however that weatherby was a genius and developed most of his ammo in the fifties with out the aid of computers. My load was a max load at the time as you could hear the long extruded powder crunch as you seated the bullets. who knows what old bj could've done with some of these newer powders. Hell we could get almost 2900 fps out of a 300 gn. Tungsten carbide solid that someone came out with ( I believe it was Sierra) for dangerous game in Africa... I called Sarah my mini 50 when she was loaded up with these. Lapua is nothing new... Just sounds pretty for a bunch of toeheads who like marketing, bet it won't be long before someone comes out with a " zombie" load for the **** thing!!! As p. t. Barnum once said " theres a new sucker born every minute".

Kill one your a murderer...kill a million and your a conquerer.

A max load and a compressed load are two different things. Crunching powder is a compressed load but not necessarily a max load. That depends on the powder used. Elevation doesn't alter muzzle velocity either. It effects down range velocity but not muzzle velocity.

Weatherby brass can't hold a candle to Lapua for strength. That is why people shoot .338 Lapua's and wildcats off the case.

The sucker might just be the one that pays nearly $4.00 a case for 338-378 stuff when you can get Lapua for 2.75 and reload it 3x more.
I have owned a custom 30-378 and 300 Wby. I currently own a 300 and a 375. I have switched all of my long range custom stuff away from Weatherby to Lapua due to the brass issues with Weatherby. If you can not tell the difference between the brass- you have not done a lot of reloading.

All this said; Bertram is making Wby brass now- so maybe that will be a good thing.