338 Lapua tactical rifle?


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Dec 15, 2001
I want to build a 338 Lapua tactical rifle based on the REM 700 action with a McMillan A2 or A3 stock.

I want the rifle weight to be 15 lbs or less (without scope and assecories). Because the rifle will be somewhat lightweight I am going to put a Badger Ordnance muzzlebreak on it, the break is 2 inches long.

I am undecided on the barrel length and contour? I am going to be shooting 300 grn Sierra BTHP's exclusively. I am thinking of a Lilja or Mike Rock fluted barrel with a length between 28-30 inches not including the two inch break. I want to get at least 2800-2850 fps with the 300 grn sierra. Yet I want something that is manuverable.

What do you guys reccommend?
I have read several articles including Dan Lilja's on using a Remington 700 for a case of that size. It is possibe but not recommended. Once the bolt face is opened up enough to take the larger case, the amount of metal left only offers marginal saftey. Many gunsmiths suggest a custom action like the Hall Giant.
A 30 inch tube with a straight taper to .950, should get the desired 2,850fps and still be close to your 15 pound mark. That length and taper is commonly used for the 1,000 yard light gun class which is 16.5 lbs. and under.
The Mike Rock barrel sounds VERY good. I have researched them lately and spoke with Mike about his techniques and the 5R rifling that he uses. He will definitely make my next barrel. Have fun with the new project.
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I want a repeater action, I have been reading the boards and found the same safety warning about the rem 700 action on the 338 lapua.

I have been checking out Nesika's homepage and their actions look pretty impressive. Where can I find a great action to sport the 30 inch tube that is a repeater? Is the Hall action a repeater?
The timberwolf action looks excellent, do you know what stocks will fit it?

It is very expensive, ouch! I wonder how their titanium action compares to the steel action? Obviously the Titanium would be lighter and more exotic, but would it handle a large heavy tube as good as a steel action?
The Timberwolf is somewhat unique in that
it incorporates an integral recoil lug in
addtion to an integral picatinny type rail
w/20 minutes extra elevation built in.

Integral features such as this are expensive
to machine but worth it for a super accurate
tactical type rifle.

Ross www.prairiegunworks.com
I just sent them an email for a price quote on building my rifle.

Have you heard anything about the quality of the rifles they build? I think the integral features are very nice (no more off center scope mount holes
You shouldn't have to worry about anything being off center with any quality custom action. I have talked to one person that has used PGW actions and my gunsmith has talked to a couple of people who gave good ratings for PGW. I belive they have the McMillian stocks inletted to fit their actions. You can have a detachable box magazine that is up to 4"+ with the Timber wolf. I know that many say that it isn't necessary for long range hunting, but those of us with a tactical background seem to feel better with a magazine. I guess it is just habit to cycle the bolt and re aquire the target asap. I belive that there rifles come with a good trigger and magazine set up. If you figure that into the cost of other custom actions it isn't bad. If you want to go with a single shot the actions from B.A.T. are nice. They are very stronge and run around 1100. A solid single shot action will be more riggid and give you an edge for accuracy, but with a good custom action you should be able to get the accuracy you need with a repeater. H&S precision also makes a repeater action that will handle the Lapua, but the magazine is no longer then a Remington box. You will want a overal length longer then that allows for. I would guess that you would want to end up having a C.O.A.L in the neighborhood of 3.75 to 3.85" for best velocitys.
Sorry, I guess the Timberwolf doesn't inlude a trigger so you would have to use a Jewell. Good trigger though and worth the money.
I can buy a whole custom tactical rifle from HSprecision for the cost of just the Timberwolf action, what gives? Why are the Timberwolf actions so expensive?

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They are expensive. Once you get up to the price of the H&S you are into the zone of deminishing returns. The only real drawback to the H&S is the mag length. That 300 MK will eat up a lot of powder capacity if the C.O.A.L. is only 3.6 or so. It just comes down to how much do you really need a repeater that maximizes your overall length.
Have you looked at the Sako Trg-S. It is a bolt action repeater. I have one with a Hart 28inch barrel and a break. It shoots great and is very portable. I deer hunt with it every year.

The HS is a fine rifle but it is basically
a Remington 700. It lacks the integral base
w 20minutes slope, the integral recoil lug,
and the third locking lug. In addition to
this it has a brazed on bolt handle and not
a one pc. bolt like to TWOLF. Consider the
vast differences in machining difficulty and
you will have an idea why it is more.

Furthermore if you research tactical rifles
on the net you will find that there are places that charge more for a Rem 700 based
rifle than we do for a TWOLF. Also, please
note that most pricing includes options.
See the options list on our site, deduct
the cost of the options such as fluting,
Jewell trigger, etc..

I must admit the Timberwolf action looks much more impressive than the HSprecision action.

Question about the Sako TRG action; does anyone know what the magwell length is on it? Will it hold the 300 grn sierra's?

Matt Regalia, Did you have anyone true your action? How much does it weigh and what taper is the barrel?
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