.338 Lapua questions


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Dec 6, 2011
Vandergrift PA
First off I have had a few 110BA's and I could never find the consistancy that I need in a long range rifle. I know that it is because I can't shoot there stock well. I grabbed a FCP and have been really happy with it and have a few questions as I don't have a ton of exsperience with bigger stuff.

1. I am shooting 300 grain accubonds and my chrono is broken they are shooting well with 84 grains of N560 and a 215M primer. ( anyone give me an idea on FPS??)

2. Most of my guns are right in the group with foulers or just out by a pinch. This gun seems to group around 2" to the right and groups are around 1" after I get 5-6 rounds down the pipe the group jumps to the bull and tightens up to under .5" for 5 shots. I am really bothered by this cuz it just doesn't seem right.

3. How much distance would you estimate I can get out of this as a white tail rifle? and the other side what kind of performance will the accubonds give me on a white tail close up say under 100 yards???

any info would be great I am running out of time before our deer season and need to get this rig all settled and ready.
not sure on your barrel length but you should be around 2800-2900, thats were mine is at. I shoot bergers but as far as a deer rifle the skys the limit...as long as you can place the shot where its needed.

Couldn't tell ya about the fouling, everyone is different
barrel is only 26" so I was hoping for 2750 or so. the fouling is the part that I just have never seen a shift that big from clean to dirty. I have had hundreds of rifles that I have done loads for and this is over double the biggest shift. I am gonna test it again and if I gotta take 9-10 shots before it goes hunting I guess that is what i got to do.
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