Question about 338. Lapua


Oct 25, 2004
My friends dad has a .338Lapua.My friend says it dang near broke his dads collar bone. I was wondering how hard a .338Lapua kicks in comparison to a .30-06, and if Lapua is the gun manufacturer or part of the caliber.

Thanks, CoyoteKid
In a 9# gun, a 180g going 2700 in front of 50g of powder has about 18 ft lb going about 12fps. Same gun, a 250g going 3000 fps in front of - what? - 110g of powder, will kick back over 56 ft lb at 20 fps.
Big difference.
Give yourself a 27# 338 and it'll be about the same as the '06.
I have a Ga Precision Bult .338 Lapua, loads with 87 grains of reloader 25..with 300 grain SMK's
I know semi light load but with a 27" Tube and a badger break ...I'm not kidding the thing recoiled like a weak .308 or a .243 it was more of a push then a sharp snap ...I even shot some of the so called dreaded Blach Hills with 300 SMK's and it was like a 30-06 ..the whole rifle weights 15.4 lbs

TacKac Out
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