Question on Encores. 338 Lapua?


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Jul 11, 2003
What do you guys think about an Encore in 338 Lapua? Would it work? Can it be done? I was thinking about a light weight brush gun in 338 Lapua in a 26 inch barrel.
id say the frame would streach.there not made to go any bigger than the 300 winmag pressues or head diameter. you can get 338rum from midway i think they are made from virgin valley. jason
Bounty Hunter I just like the knock power of the 338 Lapua. I have one on a Rem 700 LA in an A4 stock. And just want to reload for it not an other cal.

I have an encore with 7mm mag, 209x 50 and 12 ga slug. I also have a 338 Lapua AI that weighs 24 lbs with muzzlebrake.

I am not sure your shoulder would last long enough to site it in. Why not go with the 45-70, 450 marlin, 375 HH or 338 win mag if you want a brush gun.

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