338 Lapua neck


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Jan 1, 2009
Can someone tell me what the 338 lapua case neck thickness runs? The hornaday brass i was told runs .015
I just measured 3 NEW never fired cases for ya. Then I measured 3 cases I have fired 7 times. ALL of the cases were .0135" to .014" and I measured in about 6 places around the neck.

I was suprised the 7 X cases were same as new. Well... not really this brass is amazing. My spent primers still make a "pop" sound comming out. And every case out of 100 fired 7 times, the primers all felt exactly the same going in..

Gotta love Lapua brass... Money well spent.

Jeff gun)gun)
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I have been prepping a couple hundred cases, they were running .0165-.0145", so I turned them all down to .015".

Would you say most of them are cleaning up at .015 or would it take .0145 ?
I am working on a reamer print and dont have any brass.
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