338 lapua magnum


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Jan 10, 2009
My local dealer has a remington mlr 338 lapua for $1000,does that seem like a good deal and are there any opinions on this cartridge.
1k may not be that bad a price but IMHO with Remington sometimes you'll get a barrel that's a winner and sometimes not.
The rifle has been on gunbroker.com for about 1300.-1700. I have had real good luck with Rem's 308 Police package. They seem to all shoot about 1"-3/4" stock. Remington's Police Sniper rifle. With a little work from the gunsmith, I have mine shooting about 1/2" now. The 338 lapua is a very long range round. 1k -1300 yards or more with an experienced shooter.
The 338 Lapua is an excellent cartridge and with the 300 SMK it is true long range hammer. The Rem Snedero's were good shooters
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