338 lapua HET CZ 550 Has anyone tried it?


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Nov 16, 2009
Has anyone shot the new CZ HET yet. I have been trying to find out how it has been performing out of the custom shop from CZ... Are they up to the TRG or are they short of that? do they group well all that stuff. I am building one on that CZ action and am putting a Schneider 1/9 twist P5 on it and CZ was good enough to send me one of their stocks, and I have to say that it is by far more pleasing than the TRG in both feel and look. any thought from the line.
My gunsmith is building me a 338 Lapua on a CZ action he finished it on Saturday and test fired it Sunday. The gun did good but the stock that CZ had sent cracked after 5 shots. Its got a muzzelbreak so the kick is not that bad. He called them and they said they had a bad batch of stocks go out and there has been several complaints so they are sending a new "upgraded" stock as they call it. So i would say the action is good but be wiery about the stock.
I would also like to hear more on these. They look very interesting. Any ideas where one can get one of the actions and did you order that stock direct from CZ?
If you do not mind me asking "what do they usually cost" the stock and action?
I have an old CZ 550 in .458WM
It is about 30 years old, is this still the same action that they are now making in .338 Lapua?

If it is safe for a .458 then it should be OK for other powerful cartridges.

If so it has just given me an idea.:D
was the stock wood or kevlar. the one that cz sent me is kevlar and i will watch closely if it is showing signs of cracking. as for the other question regarding the 458 win. no is the answer. the 550 safari magnum action is just a bit bigger letting it handle the 416 rigby and the 505 gibbs. you might be interested to know that you could chamber the 30/375 ruger wildcat i believe. that would get you some great performance with the action that you have. as for the cost and where to get one. Brownells will sell you a 550 safari magnum action for 697.00 but you could get one on gunbroker for 549.00 if you are fast. just type in 416 rigby cz 550 and you will hit it. that is what i would do.. as for the stock. bell and carlson make it and it is only a cz product so you have to get it direct from the custom shop. it is about 490.00 i think. could be way over on that. all in all stock and custom barrel and action could be had for under 1,500 add to that 450 or 500 for brake and gunsmithing and you have a 2000 dollar 338 lapua that looks smashing.
Thanks for the info. I will call the custom shop tomorrow to get more info. I really want that set trigger also. Any idea what thread sizes the action uses. I assume they do nit use square threads like some of the older mausers. Sorry about all the questions.
First the thread question. it is metric and should be 28/3 whatever that means and yes it took some doing to get anyone to want to change the gears in there lathe to do it. like 400 bucks, but if you talk to The Rifle Shop in Bend Oregon then they are very well respected and happy to do the work. as for the 1/14 twist rate for the CZ form the factory, I have not heard that but all I could think of was that they teamed this up with Lapua and the gun is set for the 250 scanner or what ever. the 1/14 would shoot fast but as stated you would have a hard time with stabalization. sierra only recommends 1/12 for their 300 but I have a 1/9 for this custom. no word back from the first writer if the stock that cracked was Kevlar. I could not see how and hand laid Kevlar could crack but hay I am young and no all that in the gun world. as for the 458 guy look into the 30/375 ruger or did I say that already? any way great cartrige by the looks of it.. I have a question to through out if I took a pre 64 that was originally a 264 win mag what would need be done to get it to shoot that 30/375 mentioned? would it feed right from the mag?

thanks to all and let me know.

I would also like to hear more from the HAT bullets stuff.
The barrel twist for the .338 Lapua H.E.T. is 1-10" and will stabilize a 300 SMK. I am building my own HET, from a .416 rigby that I already had and I have the 20 MOA rail and the HET stock (I PRAY THAT MINE IS NOT ONE OF THE BAD ONES!!!), and am personally going with a 1-9" twist, and most likely the .338 Lapua Ackley Improved---I prefer to slightly over spin them for more terminal ballistics.

The action bedding threads are 6mmx0.75. I found a die from MSC and am making 2, 6" long rods to be threaded and so I can get a perfect Skim Bed. That threaded recoil does make bedding a pain in the butt!

Glad that I saw this read! It's right up my alley.
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