338 Lapua and 2800 FPS

2790fps with 94gr Retumbo, 300gr Berger OTM, 215M primer and Nosler brass in a Savage 110BA. Velocity confirmed two separate times at 40F.

91.5gr and 94gr were the best in accuracy (.75 MOA). I picked the 94gr because of the extra velocity and no signs of pressure.
94.0 of Retumbo seems like the majic number

What's your COAL on those Bergers I have some 300gr Elite hunters
3.750" (max magazine length).

I did try 0.010" and 0.025" off the lands with 91.5gr but did see any improvement in accuracy. However, I would like to try it with 94gr.
If your getting .75 at 100 yards ........the Lapua often tightens up past 300 yards.

I would call that good at 94.0 Retumbo and 3.750" and 2790 FPS
.75 MOA is from 200-1000 yards.

Haven't had a chance to shoot past 1000 but that will soon change.
I'm right at (2801 average) with 90 grains H1000, 300 SMK's, set .020 off the lands in a Savage BA110. Accuracy is about .5 MOA with the limited testing done so far.
2830 average with lapua, rock creek 26 barrel and rl33, confirmed drops from 2 degrees to 90 degrees!

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