338 lapua 285g Hornady


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Dec 9, 2004
SC Montana
I've been loading Hornady brass with 93g Retumbo and 285g Hornady BTHP and getting good results. Now switching to Lapua brass, this brass weighs 10 to 11g more than Hornady brass. Do I need to adjust my powder charge and by how much? The cost of each round is quite expensive & I am trying to do this as economically as feasible. thanks
I'd measure the case capacity of both cases to see how close they are to each other then adjust from there.

It's always a good idea to reduce your load any time you change one of the variables. Then work up from there.
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The Hornady factory match load for their 285 grain bullet is also Retumbo, at Hodgdon's max of 94 grains (work up to that charge)... but yes, it's in Hornady brass of course.

The Lapua cases seem to want about 2 percent less Retumbo than the Hornady. That should put your OCW at 92 grains even.

Work up from 89 grains and you'll be safe. But see if I'm not right, that 92 grains is where you're gonna want to be with the 285's in Lapua brass.

I shoot Lapua brass in my 338 LM and use 93.5 grns of Retumbo in my load with excellent results, but that my rifle. I slowly worked up to this load.

I have never shot an animal with this bullet/load and therefore have no experience on what the bullets would do to an amimal.
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