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Jan 22, 2008
wondering how the 250 grain .338 cal gamekings perform. I cant afford to shoot the MatchKing and they are to long for my mag without powder capacity interference. Not to mention I cant find any. I killed a black bear at 390 yards with them out of a .340 Wby, but I havent seen them work out to 550+. It seems that they have a good B.C for a hunting bullet, not to far behind the 250 grain Accubond for less than half the price. I belive the GK's are at .565 while the AB is at .575. I have a .338 RUM and intend to use Retumbo. Remington factory 1 in 10 with a 26" tube. Thanks for saring your wisdom!

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They have excellent performance on big game. They are a much stronger bullet than the smaller caliber gamekings with a tougher jacket and stronger antimony lead core. They are very accurate. I have used them since they were introduced back in the 70's when they were the highest BC hunting bullet on the market. I have taken quite a bit of game with them at long range and would not hesitate to use them at any time. They would be a much better choice than a 250 matchking and just as good as the accubond.
I use the 215gr Gameking in my .338 Lapua. I tried a few other bullets but these gave me 3/4" accuracy at 300 yards going around 3150 fps which is not a hot load in my rifle. I have used these on 1 pronghorn at 460 yards, half a dozen deer at 60-300 yards and 3 moose at 100-300 yards. Not one animal went more than 20 yards but most of them were bang-flops. I say that bullet performance was very good on the ones that I found. None of the bullets had great weight retention(usually50-60%) but I don't hunt for bullets, I hunt for the meat.

thanks guys, I think Im gonna give them a try. got a moose hunt in 2 weeks that Im gonna try em' on. Its gonna be nice, nothing but bush for a week:)
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