.338 Cal VLD 235grain Monolithic


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Nov 3, 2008
Has anyone got any load data for the "Predator Projectiles" 235 grain Soild VLD monolithic projectile for either the .338WM or .338 Edge.
The B.C. of .8 should shoot flat.
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I have placed a link to their web site. You can buy direct from them. They also make other bullets.
Word I get back from some users is that they don't shot too good in some rifles. After gaving a look at them on the site they seem very long. I would say they need a fast twist barrel to perform.
They are however quite cheep for a custom bullet, so would be worth a try just to see how they go. When mine arrive in the mail I will give them a go and give a report back on what I think.

Should be OK for "Yote's"......... did I say "Yote's" right in yank lingo?:D

Should be OK for "Yote's"......... did I say "Yote's" right in yank lingo?:D

Yep, ya said it right.:D

I'm thinking that the bullets would punch a hole on both sides of a yote or wolf and from a human viewpoint may be considered a bit inhumane.

However, on the other hand, she had warts!:D
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