.325 wsm


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May 13, 2012
Dakota del norte
Honestly, if the 300 wsm wasn't doing rather well, I'd say to run very far away. This round will probably die on the vine like the 8mm rem mag.. As long as the 300 wsm is alive though, making brass is a snap. Do one if you want, but bullet choices are slimmer than either 30 cal or 338.


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Jun 12, 2004
Fort Shaw, Montana
I would recommend stepping up to a 338 WSM over the 325 unless you just WANT a 325. There are several factory rifles in this chambering out there but many have had accuracy and consistancy issues. Not sure why but they have not gained a reputation for fine accuracy.

That said, if one were to have one built properly with a chambering reamer with proper specs, I would think it would be an excellent shooter. I have built many dozens of the 300 WSM and a couple dozen of the 338 WSM and both are excellent. I have been trying to talk myself into building a bench rifle in 338 WSM for my high volume shooting rifle for long range practice. Would be an excellent choice for such application and still plenty potent for any big game hunting with proper bullet weights. The new 250 gr Berger Hybrid would be an excellent choice in the 338.

As you can tell, I lean toward the 338 for sure, simply for barrel life.