308 win deer hunting load advice


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Jan 23, 2009
I loaded up some 155 amax bullets with 44 grs of imr4064. The gun is an encore with a Bullberry 20" medium varmit barrel. Its a great gun size wise very balanced. Any who, I was wondering if this load is hot enough. Im getting really good accuracy so I would like to use this combo. Thanks for any opinions.
According to Hornady's 7th edition manual 44.9 grs IMR 4064 is the max load for the 150 - 155 gr bullets. Out of a 22" barrel they list 2700 fps for that load. It all depends on what you plain on doing. If you are paper punching and you can put the bullet where you want it it does not matter the velocity. If you are hunting game deer size and under you should be OK out to at least 500 yards where you still will have 1000 foot pounds of energy left. Put the bullet where it is supposed to go and it will get-er done.
got anything in 165-175g.if so try 43-45g of varget.or 42-44g of 4064.shot good out of a 11:1/4 twist 24" barrel.at 2600-2700fps+/-
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