308 Win. ,208gr. Amax ,RL17


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Feb 27, 2009
Hello, has anybody else checked out the thread at snipershide about the 308 Win., 208gr. Amax, and RL17? Claims of 2650 fps from a 20" barrel are being made.

I'd like to try this load in my 30" 1-10 308 Win. gun)

Has anybody here tried this combo???
haven't yet tried it .but when the weather warms up you can bet I will.been keeping up with it now for the past 4 days.cannot wait to try it myself.just hope that it isn't as bad as one guy said.might have to load up a few each day.don't want to shoot out my arm anytime soon.but think this is omething that might be a one of a kind thing.just think a 308 shooting a 208gn bullet with that kind of energy.would make a great hunt'n load.gun)
I'm sure that recoil is more than a plain 168gr. 308 round, but I can't see it being too terrible.

If what is stated is true, I think it'll be awesome!

Please keep me in the loop when you do try it. I am going to as well, but it won't be for a few months.
I was running 200 grain accubonds from my 06 at 2720 from a 22" barrel and thought I was pushing the envelope a bit. My powder charge was 54 grains RL17. Quickload estimated 65,100 psi.

I would like to see the pressure rating with that 308 load at 2650 in that short barrel. I would think it is into the 70,000psi range.
OK guys here is the load.I have not been able to find if he has said yet what the pressure is.but one of his post tells that he is getting 1.1"groups at 300 yards and 4.75 at 700 yards.so I think it just might be soething for us all to look into.I know that I am when the weather warms up.and all I need is the powder and bullets.so guess what I am going to do in the next few weeks.yep you guessed right I am makeing an order.will try to keep ya'll updated.John

49.0gn of R17
208gn A-max
Lapua brass
CCI 200 primer
COAL is at 3.000
and the FPS is 2590 from a 1:12 twist sock remmy
According to QuickLOAD, that load should produce 2574 fps. from a 20" bbl, which is really close to what he is getting with a pressure of 68,408 psi. and a case fill of 102%, which is not terribly bad.

The same load should give around 2770 out of a 30" bbl with the same pressure.

This is if you jump the bullets, if you jam them the pressure jumps up to 78,447 psi., which is getting a little toasty, but the speed would jump up to 2811 with a 30" bbl.

Hope this helps.

well guys I just looked and it seems that the weather is going to put a stop on the testing.but I will keep takeing a looksee from time to time.and yea just what kind of pressure and zFPS wiil a 24" barrel get ya.have to ask because I do not have the the help of Quickload.thanks,John
Thanks alot for the quickload data. I remember the thread saying that he was getting 2650fps, with 51gr. of RL17. But, you're right, the accuracy load was 49gr.

I am going to try the load come warmer weather and more time on my hands.

Looking through my Sierra manual, there are quite a few powders that get a 200gr. MK to 2450fps from a 26" barrel. I hope my barrel shoots the RL17, 208gr. Amax combo well. That's a long, high BC bullet to shoot from a 308 Win.

Hey Johnboy, is your rifle a factory stock chamber? If so, does this combo loaded to a COAL of 3" fit in you chamber?
With a throating reamer you can turn a 308 into a heavy bullet chunker. You can get some pretty impressive velocities from the 208s if you can seat them with only .300 or less of the bullet in the case. I built a test barrel for this purpose a year or so back.

But the question remains why to do this? The only possible reason I can see is for f-class FTR shooters. If you can push a 208 a-max as fast as the guy next to you on the line can push a 168SMK you are at a big advantage in th wind at 1K....if you can handle the recoil. That was why I started playing around with this. For any other reason I would say just step to to a larger case.

I was getting velocities in excess of what MontanaMarine is gettting with RL17 using traditional powders. I was using the slowest powders that I could compress into the case and trying to take advantage of the 27 inch barrel.

My main reason for abandoning the project was not the fact that a buddy really wanted to buy my barrel, but the fact that the darn thing would beat on you terribly.

Get someone with quickload that has been updated since RL17 has been on the market to run those numbers for you with a COAL 3 inches plus. My quickload had not been updated and I am curious also.
well guys I think the testing has stoped.he stated that the weather was bad,so things might be on hold.but I get on this thing ever day so I will keep looking.

and for the question on my rifel.I have yet went out or ordered some 208'S.so I cannot answer your question.but my chamber is a little long.when I checked it for a 168gn smk it came out to be around 2.995 I think.its been a long time since I first checked it.so I am sorry for not being able to answer your question.

and to answer the other guys question.for me if me and my rifel can get the 208gn Amax I will use it mostly for hunt'n.even a big lot of 175 grainers take a big tole on me,when my load for them is hot.and yea I think getting a 308 to shoot like a big boy is great.heck I have a 300wm, and a 300 Ackley but seeing or even reading about a 308 shooting like a big boy is neat.just think of it like this.

308 little big boy

I've got a box of B210VLDs sitting on the shelf waiting for the right time and place to do some testing. From the looks of the calendar, I'm not sure I'll have time to get much testing @ distance before I need 'em (FCNC) - around here the weather gets a little nasty, but its mainly the low cloud/ high fog bank that parks at about 1200'. The valley floor is ~800-900'; the gun club with 600+yds is up at about 1470' Many days seeing the target at *100* yards is a challenge :)

I've got a couple 'used' barrels for my 12F/TR that I'm tempted to spin on there and do a little tinkering with. 30", 1-12" twist (which I believe is what Montana Marine was using over on SH). Seeing as how Savage doesn't put a Weatherby throat on their .308s like Remington, I might have to have the throat moved out a skosh. I could find a gunsmith with a throating reamer, or just run some more Final Finish through there and push the throat out a bit :rolleyes:

Your going to need a throating reamer. I use mine in the lathe, but I think PTG makes one for hand reaming.
Well that just takes all the fun out of it - though the rifling might be getting a tad short after running another batch of FF bullets through there :D

FWIW, the January 2010 edition of Precision Shooting has an article on various 210 class bullets by Kris Derochers (using RE-17).
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