300WSM vs. 300RCM


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Aug 30, 2009
I was going through an old copy of American Hunter and noticed the 300RCM. I'm wondering if anyone here can compare it against the 300WSM and tell me what the differences would be, pro's and con's if you will.

I have the statistical type data and will include that in some graphics below, but looking at the two they seem quite similar so I'm wondering about your opinions on the two.


The biggest difference I see is case capacity. It looks to me that the RCM basically gives 30-06 performance in a short action. The average wieght bullet graph is interesting, but I dont put much stock in it. The WSM is very capable of shooting heavier bullets and will push them faster than the RCM. I'm not sure what average employed bullet weight means, but a 300 WSM shoots a 180 bullet very well. The advantage I see with the RCM is less recoil. Everything else goes to the WSM.

Near the end of your information the RCM is beating the WSM. That has to be Hornady's loaded ammo. The larger case (WSM) should win the velocity race.

One area where the RCM might shine is in feeding. I have seen a few factory WSMs that had feeding issues. They can also have a round pop out of the magazine with fast cycling of the bolt.

The RCM will pass the feed rails of many standard actions, the WSM won't.

FYI I am in the process of making a 35/338 RCM. Will be reaming out a 358 win. The RCM fits and feeds beautifully from an old tang safety M77 Ruger short action. Looking forward to the end result.
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Don't know the reason but I didn't find any WSMs of any kind loaded by Hornady. The WCMs were a joint venture with Ruger just as the original full length case, the 375 Ruger. They do offer older designs made by Remington and Winchester, like the 7 Rem mag and the 300 Win Mag. Who knows maybe someday they will.

If they ever load for the 300 WSM you can bet it will beat the 30 WCM.
I was just watching Tracks Across Africa on the Outdoor Channel and they were using a .300 RCM while on safari. They took Kudu, Wildebeast, Hartebeast, Water Buck, and Leopard.

They kept trying to move in closer though, as in less than 100 yards - that just seems weird.

I think I'm still sold on the .300 WSM being the better of the two rounds. I sure do wish Hornady would make loads for it though. Getting a new rifle and considering doing your own loads sure seems to get expensive fast, although I suppose it's the cheapest way to go in the long run...
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