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Nov 27, 2003
What's the best bullet for sheep, deer and the occasional elk. I shoot 180 GrandSlams currently at 3000fps est(80gr of 7828, cci 250) out of a 24 inch tube(1 in 12" twist). I was considering 165 or 180 Scirrocco, are they worth the extra cost? I Hit a deer at 500+ yards with 180GS barely dented the first half of the jacket, went right thru one shoulder, deer went down after 20 yards, should I be going to something a little softer, lighter, faster?.


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Jul 27, 2001
These bullets will work well at longer ranges and reduced impact vel. 165/180gr Hornady SST/Amax; Nosler Ballistic tips; Matchkings up to 190gr ( the heavier bullets may not stabilize in the 12 twist).

The scirrocos are a nice bullet but too tough for LR work. Conventional bullets will act like premium bullets when impact vel drop below 2500fps.

My mule deer's lungs were vaporized at 330yds with a broadside hit with the 165gr SST from my Gibbs (muzzle vel 2950fps). Exit hole was about 2". A tough bullet would have probably just punched through as you have noted. This combo knocked the deer of its feet.


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