300RUM is back from Rem. got ?s

JP Hunter

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Nov 26, 2007
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I just got my Rem 700 in 300RUM back from Remington. The work order said it had a bur on the firing pin. So the replaced it and the trigger. Not sure why but they put the new trigger in with a litter pull it seams. Haven't got to shoot it yet but if the hang firing is gone I want to get it going. With it stock it was shooting 1.5" groups. I will try to glass bed it myself and free float the barrel. And hope the trigger is better.

So what else should I get done to this SPS stock 700? Have done some searches on here but not sure what exactly you do to improve other than the above.

Thanks for the help guys.gun)

There are many things that can be done with a rifle to improve it's accuracy potential.

Ensuring a good barreled action-to-stock fit is one that you're doing/planning.

Trigger work is another - beyond the mechanical work/doesn't work state your rifle experienced. A medium weight (personal preference here), crisp, consistent trigger pull is essential to achieve accuracy.

Also, squaring the bolt-face to the receiver lugs is another way to help achieve consistency (the primary goal to attain repeatable accuracy).

After these more reasonably priced upgrades, there is blue printing/receiver truing (essentially making sure the receiver is perfectly straight and makes perfectly straight and equal, concentric contact with the bolt and barrel), barrel replacement ( really spendy!!!), handloading your own ammunition, and much *more*.

Without knowing you, to get more out of your rifle a visit to a knowlegable/skilled gunsmith in your area may be in order.

If your like me and kind of on a budget what you've listed is about all you can do. If you handload and have plenty of handloading supplies you'd be amazed what a differance load tuning can do for accuracy. At least this is what I do to my rifles.

Hope everything works well for you,

JP, have you looked at some of the gunsmith websites to see what services they offer. I attached a link to one of them and you can take a look at their accuracy packages. Not too expensive, this one's $200. I would imagine all of the sponsored smiths on this site offer similiar packages.

I once had a stock Rem 700 accurized and it was an incredible difference. When I did it though, I restocked to a McMillan. I have heard that most wont glass bed the factory synthetics due to the bedding compound not staying put for long. Check it out though.

Montour County Rifles
they replaced the trigger because there is a RECALL on ALL REMINGTON 700 710 RIFLES seems they are prone to slamfire if you get dirt or grime in the trigger grouping
they replaced the trigger because there is a RECALL on ALL REMINGTON 700 710 RIFLES seems they are prone to slamfire if you get dirt or grime in the trigger grouping

Load, do you know which 700 triggers? I looked for some info, and only found a safety bulletin regarding the 710.
load, same here, do you know which 700 triggers? I only found a safety bulletin regarding the 710. I think I'm going to shoot an email to Remington.
Update. Sent Remington an email on the 14th asking about trigger recalls and haven't heard anything yet so I hit them again asking for an answer this evening...Once I hear back I'll let you guys know what they said.
Here's the response from Remington on the question about Model 700 trigger safety recall:

There was an optional Safety Modification Program for Model 700 rifles that were manufactured before 1982. The purpose of that program was to remove the bolt-lock mechanism from those rifles and install a new safety feature that allows you to open and close the bolt while the gun is on safety. If your rifle was made after 1982 , it is not included in the program because it already has the new mechanism installed.
I just got off the phone with them , my 6mm was made in 1974 ,i can send the gun in to NY plus 20.00 to have it redone. Can any gunsmith do it ? Anyone here in montana ?
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