300 win mag rebarrel ??


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Apr 24, 2009
Pocatello, ID
So, I am going to rebarrel my 300 wm. Which would you put on it 28in or 29in? Also, What twist would be optimal. 1-8, 1-9 or 1-10? If I had the 1-8 i could run the 210 henson alluminum tip bullet with a bc of 1.00. However would a 1-8 be to fast for the lower grain bullets?

Tang, that is what I thought also but I called Hat bullets and he told me that the 1-8 will stabilize his 210. Maby it is because of the 1.0 b.c. I don't know though.

I am going to go 1-10 twist. Hat has a 180 grn bullet with a bc of .716. I can run this 3130 out of my 300 wm. Noqw for an option of barrel length? 28 or 29 inch? My rifle is going to be a sit on a canyon rifle heavy contour. We'll see how she turns out

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