5 r milspec 300 win mag rebarrel


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Sep 8, 2011
Looking for some guidance from more experienced Shooter/Rifle builders. I have a 700 5r 300 win mag w/factory barrel that will not shoot well at all. the gun was bedded in bell and carlson stock the exact same way by a skilled gun smith. I have a 308 5r that is well under a .5 moa with my hand loads. The 308 is all I can expect.
I bought a 300 win mag 700 5r so I can go past 1300 yards. These are my paper punchers/ steel target rifles, not my hunting rifle. Long story short my 300 wm does not shoot well at all. I use RWS brass and match primers in my hand loads and my partner has a duplicate 5r. I understand each weapon is different and what works for one may not work in another. I my compadre's 300wm 5r my loads shoot 2moa at 100 yards at the worst and the last test load shot 3 shots at 200 yards you can cover with a quarter. My rifle shoots all over the place, no rhyme or reason its vertical and horizontal dispersion are all over the place.

I have loaded the 215 hybrid bergers (which are supposedly not depth sensative) and the 208 amax. It has a 1/10 twist which should stabilze both rounds. After 3 months of load development I was able to put 5 208 amax's into a .82 moa group. It was 76 grains of h1000 seated 8k of the lands. The same load 15k off the lands is a 5 inch group at 100. I have matching vortex razor 5-20 scopes and swapped them to eliminate a scope issue.

I have had other guys shot the rifle to eliminate shooter error and they get the same results. I have done the ladder test and saw no nodes. I am wondering if this was the last barrel cut with the reamers and its flawed? I'm frustrated to the point of having a custom barrel installed. The barrel has 274 rounds down the tube. any advice would be welcome and any referals to a smith or shop to rebarrel with a high end barrel are welcome. Thanks


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May 13, 2012
Dakota del norte
How many powders have you tried in it?? Have you tried other bullet weights than the 200+ grain range?? I've seen a couple 300 wins that'll get super finicky, but that's the exception. If you've only tried Hodgdon then you ought to try rl or ramshot with a 180 - 200 before you give up on the rifle.