300 Win Mag Loads


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Sep 29, 2009
Lumberton, NC
Started developing some loads for upcoming 300 WM. Loading 165 Gr Nosler Ballistic Tips. First used 75 Gr RL 22, Next 80Gr H1000, and then 74Gr IMR 4831, all with Fed 215M Primers. Loaded 3 bullets each and shot for group. My best group was with H1000 @ 80Gr, .75" @ 100yds.
Has anyone else tweaked this load?
Had worked it up earlier for a friends rifle, his was -.5" @100 yds, mine not quiet as good, but will move it around some.
a friend of mine used 73g of IMR4831 with I think the same primer.wolud always shoot one big bug hole with ituot t 200.but it wouldn;t work for me.I got the 168g berger vld to shoot.I know it's 7828 but I can not remember the charge weight.I'll see and let you know.even got the 200g smk to shoot good but my mind is blank.I'll see and let you know that one to.but some want shoot the smk at deer.put it in the head and it works fine for me.
That was the first bullet I tried in my .300WM right after I bought it, but have moved up to the 180gn Ballistic Tip. I shot the 165 BT for deer when I lived in NC and it performed great. I started out using the 150gn but it wouldn't stay together at the speeds the .300 can send 'em.
Anyway, for the 165's I used H4350 with a 9.5M primer. 71.0gns gave me 3244fps and .585", 72.0gn produced 3269fps and .4175", 73.0 was 3296fps and .6340". All loads showed ample velocity and accuracy. I shot the rest of the 165's I had with the 72.0gn load. Hope this helps. JohnnyK.
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