300 win mag help please


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Dec 8, 2008
branson, mo
I'm building a 300 win mag on a pre 64 model 70. the mag box is 3.390 Limiting OAL. Would like to make a long range elk rifle. I've an oppurtunity to buy a benchmark barrel but 1-11 twist. will finish at 26 inches.will this be ok and what bullet for this OAL would you recommend.
Does it work ok to just stuff them deep in the 300 ????? thanks elton
hey I am just asking.why not go with a 1:10 twist so you can push a heavier bullet.the 300wm is a great choice.but would think you are limiting it with a 1:11.and with you wanting a good elk rifel you should hold up for a better twist like a 1:10.my 300wm loaded with a 168b bullet is at 3.550.and thats a vld bullet.and with a 200g smk its at 3.545.so I think you will be limited to what choice of bullet you can shoot.but if a 155g bullet will work I still think you are takeing a chance for a good loang range kill.really think that you would really benefit from a heavier bullet.that way you can make a nice kill shot.but hey this is just my honest opinion.and I hope things will work out for ya.
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I built my rifle on a pre-64 M70 (was a 264), and I did it in 30-338 Win. for that very reason (OAL). I went with a 12 twist and shoot 180 grain bullets accurately out to 600 yards.

I am very happy with this rifle and would not change a thing.
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