300 Win Mag Hells Canyon Terminal Ascent


Apr 2, 2013
Has anyone tested the velocity with the 26 in Barrel Hells Canyon with 200 Grain Federal Terminal Ascent? I'm trying to determine the difference between the box velocity which is 24 in barrel and what it would be out of the 26 in.? I don't have a chrono to test so hoping someone else has?
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I was thinking around 50fp. I just purchased a new scope that bluetooths all the info to the scope. I just wanted to be as close as possible so when getting out to distance it stays as accurate as possible.
Thank you for the response.
If you want to be as accurate as possible you need to go shoot it in YOUR gun and see what it does.
It’s going to be different in every rifle
^ this is the answer. If you are not learning your own DOPE you miss big time. Shoot the gun learn the drops and windage, take notes. There aren't any one size fits all or short cuts for precision
The problem is this, I have NEVER chrono’d factory ammo and come close to what was on the box…not once.
My latest venture was with 180g TTSX 300RUM Barnes ammo, box said 3,250fps out of 26” barrel, actual velocity was 3,030fps to 3,080fps… not a small discrepancy.

Wow that’s a huge difference. In my very limited experience with chronographing factory ammo ive found Winchester to generally be pretty true to advertising, just with the cheap super x ammo. In fact in a former weatherby vanguard with a 24 inch barrel their 150 grain power point load actually BEAT their box velocity by about 40 fps, it was legit over 3250. That was nice. In my 22 inch 270 the the 150 power point was right on the 2850 that they advertise.

Federal soft points were always about 50 fps slower which I though was forgivable, they had the tightest es numbers of the stuff I chronoed and were the most accurate on target in my .270. But their fusion line…very accurate but a .270 shooting a 150 at 2700 just makes me sad haha.

Remington was a whole other disappointment. I chronoed a 243 100 grain corlokt load at 2600 fps on the dot. A full 360 fps slower than advertised. And it was a 22 inch barrel on a savage 99 that was well worn but that’s not enough to explain this. Winchester still hit 2900 or so with the same weight. You could even hear and feel the difference shooting this box of corlokts, weak. The .243 isn’t a powerhouse to begin with…
What is the max distance you can shoot this? Further the better. 600 yards will allow you to get reasonably close using calculators to the math work backwards. I did this for a few rifles before I had a chrono. Works well enough.

The other factor to consider is lot to lot variation. If this one shoots well, buy a case...
Thanks for all the answers and suggestions. I want to chrono with my rifle just having a hard time finding one I can use.
Just a follow up. So the box stated 2810 at the muzzle. I used a Caldwell Chrono at about 10 feet in front of muzzle, indoor range. My lowest was 2917 and i had one that appeared hotter at 2970. My average for 8 shots was 2930fps. I wasn't expecting that much.
Thanks for all the replies.
Go play the lottery! :)
And then verify at the range...
Funny stuff starts to happen at 500 and beyond.
HALF THAT in the field.
They verified in a range so I figured apples to apples. I will go to a range I can shoot longer when they are open. This is for hunting rifle so I’m hoping I won’t need more than 400-500 tops. Just want to be comfortable to there.
I am getting 2935 from a 24” barrel. 3 different lots have ranged from 2920-2950fps. Has been fairly consistent and much faster than advertised. Measured with magneto speed and a prochrono
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