300 win 168 berger vld hunting

corey suir

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Oct 6, 2017
Well just got back from the range again and it was a very very good day. Found 2 loads that shoot under half and inch at 100. The first is 165 gr ttsx with 66.3 grains of h4350 loaded to a lenght of 3.541". The second was 168gr berger vld hunter loaded with 70.5 grains of h4350 with a lenght of 3.560". The ttsx shot .445" and the berger shot .49".
Im thinking if I keep playing with the berger i can get a better group. Im at maxed published load right now but am showing no signs of high pressure. might try and bump it up .01 or .02 grains to see what will happen. This was a great day since the last time i went shoot i couldnt get anything to shoot better than 1.1"