168 Gr. Berger VLD data for .300 win mag


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Feb 8, 2010
I'l looking for an acuracy load for my .300 win mag Sako Finnlight using the 168 Berger VLD's. Anyone have any data for a good starting point?
OK here is the best advice you can get! Every rifle is diffrent so that being said if you hand load which I am assuming you do you have to do your own test.

I just did mine with my 300 win mag and 185g VLD it took 24 rounds. I loaded up 4 groups of 6 rounds at diffrent seating depths.

185g VLD
Nosler brass
CCi BR2 primer
81.0g of H1000 (this is max load in most re loading books)

1st 6 was .010 off the lands
2nd 6 was .050 off the lands
3rd 6 was .090 off the lands
4th 6 was .130 off the lands

What my test showed me is my group was around 4" at .010 off the lands then it droped to 1/2 at .050 off the lands and started to open again at .090 to 1" and finaly at .130 the group was 1 1/2". All my shooting was done at 200 yards which is veary important 100 yards is no good.

This is what Berger recomends you do for a hunting rifle for a target rifle the test is the same but the seating depths are a little diffrent.
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