300 Wby. Mag. VS. 300 Rem.Ultra Mag. ?

So bear with me ...im on my 3 rd Rum and Coke tonight but here it goes ... how many deer complain about getting hit with a Ford or a Chevy or the other one ...Dodge!!
I'm partial to the Rums but I can tell you from experience that the 40 plus critters that fell from a Rum Shot at my House never new what hit them !

If you have a Rifle , components, ammo for either or can get it easily then maybe that's your choice . They both will do the job hands down .

Rum Man
I have both, pro's are in favour of the RUM due to brass manufacture, availability and choice of manufacturer.
Cons for the RUM are few, but needing a mag box much longer than for the Weatherby is a PITA.
Bullet selection is moot, powders commonly available work in both,
I like RE25 and Retumbo.
Larger case capacity of the RUM is another pro, and the fact that it isn't difficult to find loads for or finicky. My 300 Weatherby was until the barrel settled down and that was unexpected from me on a premium lapped barrel…

I have both and I haven't had any hand loading issues with either cartridge. Weatherby factory ammunition is more expensive, but I assume you know that. Like everyone has said, the RUM has the velocity edge.

Probably comes down to your preference in the rifle. If you like Weatherby rifles, and many people do, then get a Weatherby. If you tend to prefer a Remington 700-like rifle, then the RUM may be the better choice.
I have had both and use one of my Two RUM's for most everything. My Sendero is a tack driver but seems to have grown some weight the last few years so I also run a Fierce Carbon for the long days - both 300 RUM. I really like the 165 Nosler Ballistic Tips for deer and antelope, and numerous 180's for elk. But the critters can't tell the difference as it's what works best for you. And, Elgin T Gates was the real deal and I loved reading his books. They are still on the shelf next to Jack O'Conner's.
Think I m going 300 Wby. I,m old enough to recall Big Game Hunter extraordinaire, Elgin Gates. He slayed Trophies in Africa & Central Asia with his 300 Wby. Good then,still fine today!
You do not need to justify your choice between the two. It boils down to preference and intended purpose. What game will you hunt, and how far are you willing and able to shoot?

I do not have a .300 WBY but a .30 LARA. I originally wanted to build a .300 RUM, but brass was scarce or nearly non-existent at the time. I harvested a bull elk at 931Y with my .300 WM, but I wanted more OOMPH. With a hydraulic forming die, I can use 8MM RM, 7MM STW, .300 and .375 H&H, .358 STA, .416 RM, .300 Jarrett (very pricey), and now Peterson's brass belted mag basic. I can also shoot a .300 WBY ammo.
300 WM WBTY LARA.jpg

(.300 WM, .300 WBY, and .30 LARA)

As @dogz noted, Elgin was another hunting era. I understand not everybody is in LRH, but this is still a website founded for LRH/S. I doubt Elgin did any LRH/S, but I could be wrong. Good luck!
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I own these Weatherby cartridges, only the 257 Weatherby is in a Weatherby rifle (Accumark), all the others, 270 Bee, 300 Bee, 340 Bee & 375 Bee are all on switch barrel Win Model 70's, Classic Stainless and EW's. I was going to ream my 375H&H Kimber Talkeetna from H&H to Weatherby, but I like it how it is…
To be honest, I have never been a fan of Weatherby's rifles, however, the Accumark has grown on me, it's nothing like the Deluxe model I had in 340 Weatherby back in 1990. That thing was HEAVY!