300 ultra or 300 hulk wildcat


Nov 11, 2009
cant anyone tell me the differences in velocity and energy and in general how these rifles match up? it would be greatly appreciated thanks.
That is what I'm trying to find out I was on a shooting website and they kept talking about this 300 hulk wildcat. I would try googleing it.
WOW,,,,,, Way to go Sarver........There ain't enough pills in the universe to settle me after the third shot. That's when the pucker factor kicks in. After the 4 shot bead of sweat on brow and eyes tear up and major anxiety symptom appear. After the 5th shot, its wet in front and brown in back. That is, if there is a spotter or you can see your hits.

It's better to be surprised........

That cartridge wouldn't do that well, I wouldn't expect, if loaded for hunting. And if for LRH why not the Lapua case improved vs shrunk?
I shoot the 30-338 lap imp. I think that if you are going to go through the work of running a 30cal 338 lapua you should improve it and go big. I don't like the idea of shortening the case, I just don't see any advantage. Someone can correct me if I am wrong.

In my rifle I can run the pressures quite high and the brass just keeps on going. I've 8 plus reloads and primmer pockets are tight. I need to anneal now, but that's it.

If you don't improve the round, and get more or less the hottest 30 cal around, you would be better served to go with the 300rum.

Good luck,


PS. Mine is a tight chamber, and I would never do that again.
I would use the 338 norma case and neck it down to 30cal and improve it. Its the same as the hulk the old difference is you are using norma brass instead of Laupa brass. Tom Sarver is the expert on this case his websight is Thunder Valley Precision HOME I know he is running the 240 smk at 3000+fps and the 208 A max close to 3500fps.
I seen a while ago on accurate shooter or also known as 6mm br website where a fellow had a HULK and was shooting competition with it you might want to check that out as well.

The 338 Norma case necked down to 30cal improved has been done. It is called the 300 JAZZ

There are lots of variations of wildcats. The 300 Ackley or the 308 Baer 300 Weatherly improved are all basically the same thing. I was just letting RockyMtnMt know what the 300 Hulk was close to without having to do all the work of shorting the Lapua cases. I have a 30-338 Norma improved and a 30-338 Lapua improved. For hunting use only, out of the 2 choices It would be a toss up. The differences I see between the two is the 30-338 Lapua uses Lapua brass. The 30-338 Norma uses Norma brass. The velocity between the two cases are about the same but the 30-338 Norma seems to be more efficient. It uses less powder to achieve the same velocities.
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