300 RUM Custom


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Apr 3, 2006
New Mexico

I read the post on the SSG 300 RUM...NICE!!!!! I had built a Custom 300 on a Rem. 700 action, Kreiger BBl, action blueprinted, custom chamber for the Berger VLD 210. Gr. using Retumbo, 91.0 Gr.(reduce 10%, and all that B.S.) 210 Bergers and neck turned & sized cases, i am shooting groups of 2" at 500 yards consistantly, with a fluke group (3 shot) of .640 ctc....This rifle was built by Kampfeld Custom, helical fluted bolt & bbl. Kampfeld muzzle brake.....all i can say is THANKS to Karl, this rifle shoots better than i ever will, and he is one of the nicest people iv'e ever dealt with....As this is probably my only custom, wanted to share some pics with all...hope they come out, am using photo bucket, and am new at this...Thanks, rsbhunter

Show us more pics of the rifle! What's that brake look like? Always nice to see the 'handiwork' of various 'smiths. Nice shooting.




It is the original stock, pillar bedded by me, Zeiss Conquest 6.5x20 scope with a custom KENTON IND. elevation knob for the 210. Berger at 3050fps. Weight is 12 Lbs. complete.....recoil off bench is almost non existant.......Just installed a Jewell trigger.......if you have not shot one of these triggers, GET one!!!!! left it at factory setting, 1 lb, 0 creep....i almost can't measure any travel on the trigger....Thanks for looking....... these are the "normal" groups


all before trigger install.......rsbhunter
That is awesome. Glad it shoots as good as it looks. Thunderstruck will be a lot of fun.
very nice shooting.
Karl is a great guy to deal with. That is a sweet looking rig.
How do yo ulike the knobs from kenton? I have been thinking of getting some for my Zeiss as well. I am shooting 190 VLD.
The Kenton knob is great, i havent had a chance to shoot further than 500 yards, (have to close the road on the range to do that) but iv'e shot from 100, 200, 300 and 400 and the knob does the job.....Like i said, the one .640 group was a fluke, but it will shoot the 2.5" groups on a consistant basis......wish i had 20 year old eyes again, might even do better!!!!! Taking it on a cow elk hunt this weekend, hope i get to drop the hammer......rsbhunter
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