300 RUM Ackley

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  1. ss8541

    ss8541 Well-Known Member

    Jun 20, 2001
    I am currently building a long range rifle. Trued Reminton 700 action, McMillian A3 stock, Jewel Trigger, Nightforce NXS scope and Bases.I have a 30", 1-10 twist fluted Krieger barrel (5"x1.25" and then a straight taper to .850" @ 30"). I will shoot The Jensen 200 grain J40 (BC> .797) for long range rock chucks, and 180 Grain J36 (BC> .672) Bullets for big game. I was going to build it on a tight neck 300 ulta, but now I am considering an ackley version of this. For the Ackley I will use Norma 404 brass And a set of Huntingtons 300 RUM forming dies and then fire form the cases. After fire forming I think I could still use the Redding type-s Bushing dies to neck size cases. I'm not sure if the seating die would still work? The chamber would also be a tight neck configuration. I would appreciate any feed back on this setup. Any flaws in my thinking would be nice to catch now.
    Vince Foster
    I just started working with the 140 grain 7mm. J36's in a 27.5" barrel STW and it looks promising; 3550 fps. 3-shots in .32".
    Next week I will start with the 130 grain HV bullets from GS custom.