.30 cal Nosler Partition velocities different


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Apr 11, 2008
Hi Guys,

trying to find load data for .30-06 Nosler Partiton 180 gr. Every source I find on the net gives different muzzle velocity for the very same bullet. Might be a noob question, but isn't it an optimal MV for every type/weight of bullet, and every powder manufacturer should try that bullet to have the same optimal MV? I have Vihtavuori powders (150, 165, 550), but looking to other manufactureres load datas (cuz no Partition data in VV reloading guide, only another 180 gr bullets), couldn't find unified MV to try to reach. How to determine which type and how much of the powder?


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Dec 23, 2009
LaPine Or.
Muzzle velocity only tells you part of the story for accuracy. It is strictly a tool in the tool box so to speak. It can help indicate when your getting close to max pressure (along with the usual signs), and can be used to judge extreme spread, as well as part of the equasion for Kenetic energy. But muzzle velocity does not equal accuracy. It is true however, that most -not all- cartriges have a band of velocity, with certain powders, with a particular wt or shape bullet, that tends to work well in most -not all- rifles. i.e. 140gr accubond at around 31-3200fps with RL-19, from a 270wsm tends to be an accurate velocity band in most -not all- rifles in this chambering. But each rifle is unique to what it likes best for accuracy. Some like lighter loads with particular bullets for the most accuracy, and some like it hotter. Some produce horrible accuracy with one powder, while producing great accuracy with a different powder to reach the same velocity.

I would go to Nosler.com to get load data on it directly from the source. It has worked well for me in the past.
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