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Dec 5, 2009
Looking into this cal. wondering what you guys think, havent heard much about it...saw some threads on here about it but just seeing if anyone has anything to say. looking for a long range cal. for deer. Was also thinking about the 7-08 or 7WSM....too many options
I have a plan to build the 284 Shehane.

You will likely get many coments from each of the 284/7mm contingients and they will all have their positives and negatives.

If you have read through the threads, then perhaps you have clicked on the 6mmBR website that covers the 7mm/284. very thorough article.

I chose to go this route due to more efficient powder usage, recoil and the one I really like is that it supposedly will give better barel life.

A big plus for me as I only get so much of the family funds for my hobbies.
The 284 caliber provides sufficient velocity and energy to harvest deer out to ~950-1000 yds from a 7mm Rem Mag or 7mm WSM.

From a 280 Rem I'd cut the maximum yardage back to ~800. 280 AI out to about ~900 yds.

Depends on your perspective of long range when it comes time to picking a specific cartridge for the .284 caliber bullets. The 7mm bullets available to us are pretty darn efficient BC wise, and if deer is the sized game you're focused on, your certainly don't need to go any larger in caliber than 284.

If you were to include brown bear, moose, and elk as typical game species, I'd suggest the .308 or .338 caliber cartridges.
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I bumped into the 284 win 25 yrs ago when I had to rebarrel on the cheap. A local gunsmith had a pile of new rem takeoffs in 7 rem mag. The 284 would clean up the upper part of the chamber with approx 1" removed from the shank. I have always had a 284 win in my safe ever since.

Now that RL-17 has hit the market it has perked up an already great round. How about 3100 fps with a moly coated nos bt or 3000 fps with a 150 E-tip and a 23" barrel? I actually got 3200 with the moly coated 150 nos bt but accuracy was better at 3100 fps.
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