270 Weatherby load?


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Feb 8, 2008
northern new mexico
Does anybody have a good load for 270 Weatherby with 140 gr. Nosler
accubonds. My rifle was just built with Mike Rock barrel-- without
the Weatherby throat. Possibly looking at RL22 or ? Maybe a Hogden extreme powder? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
If it was me and I couldn't get any reliable info. (try calling powder companies tech line, ie Alliant for RL22) They can usually get you pointed in the right direction. But if left to my own devices, Use of a reliable chronograph is a must; I would drop 5% below STARTING loads for regular 270 wby data (due to shorter throat in your gun). See where your speed is and if any excess pressure signs are apparent. From that point (if more speed is needed)I would proceed to work up in charge weight (1 grain at a time) to my target velocity watching for signs of excess pressure along the way. It may not be kosher but thats what I'd do if I had no other information to go on.
Thanks for the info guys. I tried H1000 and was only getting 1.5" groups at
100 yds. Tried RL22 and got sub 1" groups. Might try IMR7828. Would like to
stay with a Hogden extreme powder if I could. Tried H4350, not very accurate.
Maybe H4831 would work.
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