264 win mag


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Oct 30, 2008
So I just picked up a Rem 700 Sendero SF in 264 win mag anyone have some good loads for 140 gr Bergers? they care to share, Going to start with that bullet anyway, I Have some H1000, IMR 4350, RL22, and a few others I can load Just looking for what has worked well for others.

My 264 Win mag likes Retumbo. It is a Shilen barrel 9 twist 27 3/4" long on a Rem 700 action. I shoot the 130 Accubond with 66.5 grs Retumbo in a WW case reformed from once fired 7mm Rem mag cases, CCI 250 primer. 3350 fps and will shoot half MOA. Kills deer so fast you have to really know EXACTLY where they are out in a green soy bean field or you have trouble finding them. They drop in their tracks and don't even kick. It is like shooting them with laser beam. :D
My son has that exact gun, I have a custom Stiller with a Broughton 28 inch 8 twist barrel and a Rem 700 CDL SF they all shoot WW cases, 215 primers, Berger 140 hunting VLD's and 68.5 grains of Retumbo at 3180-3280 fps into 1/2-3/4 MOA groups. I know RT2506 has said before that his gun can't shoot this load as it's too hot for his gun, all I can say is it works fine in our guns. Start a few grains lower and work up to be safe. It's also listed as the max load in the new Berger manual.
Back in the late 1950s and early 1960s when the .264 came out there were not as many bullets and powders as today. 870 and MRP was the go to powder for the .264 Win Mag. I just built a .264 Win Mag for a customer. Borden Timberline action, McMillian BDL in Edge Technology, with a 26", #4 fluted, Muller Works, 1:877, 5R, barrel. I shot it with 130 Nosler Accubonds, 130 Sciroccos, 140 Barnes XXX, and 120 Barnes XXXMX. I tried IMR 7828, RE-22, H-4350, H-1000. The 120 Barnes XXXMX with Federal 215, and 68.gr IMR 7828 shot multiple 5 shot groups in the .3s" with a velocity of 3,420. This is a hot load and I would not recommend it as a starting load.
Nat Lambeth
my 264 is a ruger and typical of rugers its a one trick pony. Only thing that shoots moa in it is 120 ballistic tips and re25 with a fed match mag. Change anything even the primer and the groups about double. Surprisingly though that load has prover very effective on whitetail. Ive shot probably 30 deer with it from 75 yards to over 400 and it just drops them. So much in fact that my buddy calls it thumper. Surprisingly too it does no more meat damage then any other mag round does.
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