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Dec 9, 2020
Social Circle, GA
A lot of craziness happened 12 years ago with the greatest firearms, ammunition, and reloading sales person -Obama. We saw reloading powder virtually disappear from store shelves, internet, and vendors Although reloading powders did become available over the years the craziness has started all over again in 2020. If you didn’t have the foresight to stock up on reloading components in the available years you are SOL now. I have several jugs of “4895” for my .204 & .223, and “H414”, “4350” for .243, .260 Rem, 270wsm, .325wsm & 8mm. II have excellent results with these powders in the those calibers. I also have 223CFE that can be used in the .204, 223, and .260 (if needed) haven’t tried the 223CFE in the .260 yet. I really like H4350 for my larger calibers and H4895 smaller calibers.

What I am looking for is a substitute for H4350 in my .260. 26" 1-8 twist SS #12 Heavy Palma 5R cut. I mainly shoot - 1st 142gr SMK, 2nd 130gr STMK, 3rd 123gr SMK for steel and paper. Just got some 150gr SMK to try out also. I have 140gr SGK for hunting. Anyone have real good experience with other powders for a .260? Just looking to diversify if I can’t get H4350 and something else is available. I have heard to try Varget or HIBRID 100V.


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May 22, 2020
Houston, Texas
I shoot RL26 in my man bun gun, so I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t be happy with it in your 260.

Good SD/ES, and allowed me to reach a higher node with the 140+gr heavies, and shoot my lower node with less pressure and wear/tear on my brass.

With that being said, RL26 is just as scarce, if not more so, than H4350.

H4350 looks like it’s starting to hit some shelves. 2X this week Midsouth had it, so I’m sure others will see shipments as well.

You might also consider H4831SC (not as “in” as the other you listed but imo underrated with heavies and dare I say better than H4350), or IMR4350 and IMR4451.
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Jun 17, 2020
I built my first long range rifle 3 years ago and have been learning ever since, I couldn't find H4350 so I tried reloader16 and IMR 4451. Both are excellent powders. In fact so excellent that they can be even harder to find that h4350. I have to say, if you see IMR 4451 come in stock, you have to buy it. The charge weights and flat spots are almost identical to h4350 and in some applications I even liked it better. (I like it so much I would traid 4350 for 4451).


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