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Oct 11, 2016
I might be picking up a 260 Rem so I have been doing a little research on suitable powders. I would like to stick with 140-130 gr bullets. I like the eldx but haven't seen any around but the 140gr Berger and the Barnes match burners look interesting. Most people seem to be using H4350 but that has been very hard to come by lately and I have a couple lbs of IMR 4350 kicking around that I don't use anymore. Has anyone had any luck with IMR instead of H ?
Yes, your good to go just a couple of grains less on average than the H version and depending on lot#'s, as always start low and work up. Also, superformance is excellent in the 260 with 120-140 grain bullets also so don't overlook that one if you have some on hand.
Thanks. My only concern was I have read that some people have issues with the IMR version not being for temp stable. I do a fair bit of shooting in very warm and very cold temps but if nothing else I just might have to do some testing.
I was using RL17 with 120's , and RL26 with 140's . now my grandson is starting to shoot it . I started him out with a greatly reduced load of H4895 . I'm still using H4895 , but I'm loading around book minimum . the 260 doesn't seem to picky on what it's fed .
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I use N160 with 140 grain SST with great results and H414 with 95-100 grain bullets from a large ring Mauser action and a 26" Douglas barrel.
I have shot a lot of 260s and load from 100gr. To 140 for them. The powders I have good luck with are IMR4350 and H4831sc. I load more for accuracy than velocity and have worked up some great loads. I will say I have not used Allianz for 260 but have heard good things about using it. I use RL22 for my 6.5-06 and love it. Good luck
STaBall is available. It works very well and will get you speed. Stated to be heat stable. I've used it in several other calibers very closely related to the .260 with good results. 7-08, 6.5 C.M, .243. Look at Hodgden load data online for load data on the .260. Good luck.
As many fellow shooters here have pointed out the 260 rem is easy to load for and works with a ton of powders it is like the 30-06 in regards to powders that work well across the spectrum of bullet weights and burn speeds from 4895's up to 4831's and various VV powders in those burn ranges also. I have been 100% satisfied with mine for about 16 years or so no. If Remmy had not screwed the pooch on the twist rate when they made the 260 a factory chambering we might not have seen the creedmore. Too bad its almost forgotten now and hard to find in a factory rifle which is a shame.