260 Ackley suggestions


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Oct 20, 2013
West Central Montana
I traded my dad a gun for a Ruger No 1 in 7 mag. It's like new! But it's not my style. I love classic rifles and have a couple, but I need a LR tac rifle. I'd use it honestly for praire dogs and deer out to 5 hundo and targets to a thousand.
Thinking first about a 7 mag in a bolt gun like a Sendaro. But I want to shoot the heck out of it without recoil. Maybe something with a break?
That's why I'm thinking s 260 or even Ackley. I've got a 270 Weatherby that's really close to a 7 Rem mag (close enough kik da).
Id like to keep the rifle around a grand to under. Then I'd spend around $1500 on glass.
Any suggestions? Looking at the Rem SPS. But Savage has a couple rifles that seem to be good out of the box. Never owned a Savage, but they have a reputation for accuracy in their precision guns. I also have my childhood 308 model 70. It needs some work, maybe I could use that action and have a custom built for a fair price? Thanks boys.


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Jan 3, 2011
Uvalde, TX
FWIW, I bought my wife a Ruger Hawkeye Predator in 6.5 Creedmoor last year, and have since recommended them to a couple other buddies. You can pick one up for <$900, and if you hate the two-stage trigger, get a drop in from rifle basix for about $150. With factory ammo, all 3 of the guns I have personally handled will shoot 1/4-1/2 MOA. Ours is the 24" model, but they have a 26" with a semi-varmint fore end. My daughter used it to take an Auodad sheep at 580, so they have plenty of punch, but little recoil. The downside: it's not a M700 action. But hard to beat for the $ and out of the box accuracy.


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Mar 21, 2014
I've got a 6.5 creedmoor which is a bout the same as a 260 rem. it is a Savage mod. 11 Predator Hunter ( heavy barrel) and yep its very accurate. I load my own ammo so I don't know if the factory stuff would be as accurate.


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