26" vs 28" in a 300WSM



I was wondering if any of you guys have experimented with differant barrel lengths in the 300WSM. Just wondering if the little extra length will make a big differance.
I'm planning to ge a 1-12 twist from Pac-nor and was wnationg to get the most bang for my buck , the 28" is the same price as the 26" jst wondering if the little extra length is worth having
I plan to shoot 175gr bullets and would like to get the most speed as accuratly possible.
You have to ask yourself what you plan on using the rifle for. If you are going to be carrying it a lot then the shorter barrel is what you would want. If you are like me where the rifle is shot from a rest and weight is not an issue go with the longer tube. The extra 2" should give you about 50-60 fps more.

Frank D
I would go for the extra 2" if there is not cost difference. Is 2" that big of deal on the hoof? I seriously doubt it. My long range hunting rig weighs 11lbs and it's usually the first one I grab.
I've got a Tikka SS Syn T3 in 300wsm it's a 11 twist 24 3/8 inch barrel, shoots 165 gr HPBT's into 2inch groups @300yds. Just got it for xmas,have'nt had much chance to do more with it. I'm just a 600yd shooter and would like to try the 175gr HPBT's with that 500 BC.

My only other rifle for longer range is a model 7 Rem in 300saum and took a bull elk at 575yds this past fall with 165gr loads.

Can tell that the 300wsm out runs the 300saum and then some. Outlaw

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I would get the 28", you can't add steel later, you can cut it off and recrown for little $$ if you like. Get an 11 twist if you'd ever like to shoot the 210gr Berger or 210gr JLK. Look at the wind drift on a 175gr vs. 210gr VLD's. 11 twist shoots the 175 fine, but not the other way around. The 3 groove Pac-Nor barrel my Dad has in 338 WSM cleans up real well also.
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