25-06 rem ackley improved

Ackley Improved round is different in several ways, but uses 25-06 rem case to begin with... loaded 25-06 rem rounds are fired in the AI chamber and the cases are fire formed i.e. "improved" to the AI chamber... shoulder is "blown" forward, creating a different shoulder angle and creating more powder space in the newly formed 25-06 AI round... shortening the neck some, in the process... usually takes pretty stout 2-3 rounds to fully form the new AI case...

basic procedure would be similar in "ackly improving" other rounds as well, such as .243AI; .260AI etc

pretty popular "improvement" in several calibers
The benefits are:

- You can fire regular store bought 25-06 Rem ammo in your 25-06AI chambered firearm (the fired case will be stretched to 25-06AI size.)

- Once the case is blow out from 25-06 to 25-06AI you can then increase the amount of powder used in the case which will increase velocity between 100-200fps;

- The new improved case when reloaded will not stretch as much as the standard version;

When reloading you will get velocity's between the regular 25-06, and the 257 Wby.

The case case capacity is increased about 5-6%. As was mentioned, the shoulder is moved forward and increased from 17 degrees to 40 degrees. Also, the case body taper is blown out about .011." .....Rich
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