243AI and long range pills


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Mar 6, 2002
I am shooting a Mickey Coleman smith'd 788 with a #7 Shilen with 1-8" twist finished at 26", chambered in 243AI (.271 neck). It's in an Elk Ridge Benchmark stock bedded with Steelbed. I have a Nightforce 3.5-15 and B&L 4200 6-24 for glass. Depending on what I am shooting dictates the scope. They both set in Burris Signature Zee rings.

I shoot pdogs with it as well as other varmints. I also shoot "F" class highpower with it. That load uses 107gr SMK. I am in the process of trying the Starke 105gr LRM. Anyone ever used these on critters? I can't shoot the Starke 95gr because it blows up from my rig.

This thing shoots the 60gr and 65gr pills wow incredibly.nullhttp://www.hunting-pictures.com/members/gjjamie/rfront.jpg[/img]]pic
i have 2 243AIs one is a Remington 700 1/12 twist 28" Hart for 55to85 grain bullets the other is a 40X with a 1/7 Shilen 28"
the 1/7 was chambered for the Berger 105VLD but it also does vary well with the Berger 115VLD and the Stark 105. I use H1000 powder with Lapua brass and Federal GM primers
i have lots of load data if you need it
Nice looking rig.heres the pic=CJ
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