243 win 1-12 coyote load suggestions

The Sierra 85 grn gameking is one of my favorites. A medium burn powder like Varget should be ideal. Other than that maybe a slightly lighter bullet.
Thanks for the advice! I was getting worried after my first OCW test. But after fireforming and trying a different load, I was able to get under MOA. The 80 Berger was 3/4'' w/3 shots. 87 bergers were 7/8'' w/3 shots. Testing yesterday in a light rain, but no wind might of helped. The Barnes 80 TTSX and N140 grouped 3/8'' with 3 shots. The other was W760 with 55 ballistic tips @ 5/16'' w/3 shots. I know I need to test these loads to confirm, but right now Im feeling pretty good!
I decide to forego the barrel break in to see how it would do. Cleaned with wipe out accelerator and patch out. Trying to make this Douglas barrel last as long as I can :)
my rem with a 12 twist hart - 70 grain balistic tips and 85 sierra, 87 horn bthp and vmax, and 88 berger - with either I 4064 or varget all ..... awesome. my longest shot on a coyote was with 70 balisitic tip and i 4064 ...... 496 yards.
If you had a faster twist barrel I would highly recommend the 95 gr Berger VLD with 4831 SC. But on the other end, deffinately give the 58gr Vmax/Varget a try. Not bad results on fur either.

Have to ask why the slower twist rate on new tube? Limits the rifle a bit.... I of coarse shoot deer and even a couple elk with mine as to why I prefer the faster twist (1-9.25 twist)

One other option I wanted to try is the 70gr Sierra BTHP I believe. Whichever bullet a guy named Shawn Haden on "Truth" Calling all Coyotes uses. Shoots it out of a 243 Acley and man does it drop Dogs!

Good luck
My favorite Coyote bullet for years was Sierra 85gr HPBT this bullet can work on both Big Game & Coyotes or Hornadys 75gr HP. Good Hunting.
My favorite the past couple yrs has been the 58gr vmax I tried a box of winchesters and the hornady superformance my rifle loves them. I can't handload them to any better groups than these factory rounds shoot. They are traveling about 3900 and group one ragged hole out to around 200yd only thing I've shot ao far was a porcipine but no exit and it looked like he sat on a grenade.
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