230gr eldx data for 338 RUM?


Aug 13, 2017
Texarkana, Tx
Anyone used the 230gr eldx bullet in 338 RUM? I'm about to work up a load with them in a new barrel, SAAMI chamber 26" Columbia river. I have Retumbo, h1000 and imr7828 currently.
Not 230 gr, but Hodgdon has 225 gr data. Starting at minimum should give you a good place to start.

Started with H1000 using hodgdon data for 225gr partition. With the increased bearing surface and weight on the 230gr eldx, I started with 5 round ladder starting from 95gr to 99gr to find pressure. At mag length (cip aics) I have just over 50 thou jump. ADG brass with cci250 primers. 26" barrel.

95gr - 2904 fps
96gr - 3009 fps
97gr - 3023 fps
98gr - 3037 fps
99gr - 3072 fps

I'm going shoot a couple groups around 98grs next.


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Shot a couple 3 round groups with H1000. Rifle liked 98.5grs the best, bottom group in the photo. Velocity was: 3129fps, 3137fps, 3129fps for that charge weight. Brass looks good.


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